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Pumpkin Seed Practice

So I stitched up Little Stitches and started to think about what quilting design to apply.

Little Stitches

First I thought circles.  I even marked the quilt… just chalk and then I practice circles.

Circle practice with a circle tool.


Not what I was thinking, so then I practiced Pumpkin Seeds.

First time with the pumpkin seed quilting


I used the Mini Straight Line Tool from Quilters Rule.  I used the top portion.  It went pretty well, so I practiced one more time.

Second practice of the pumpkin seed quilting.


I think one more practice and I’m going to do this one on the quilt.  For practice I just used muslin and drew two inch squares with my roller ruler.  Quick and easy.

Black and Decker Found iron

In other news…talk about a crazy quilter who loves a good iron.  I found this iron out in the parking lot at work.  I’ve seen this model at the quilt shop and it works great.  A little, compact Black and Decker.  Well…I took it home and went to clean it up.  Unfortunately the sole was totally scratched up.  I didn’t see it under the mud.  Well.. nice try.



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    1. Julie 05 April - 2013

      Looks like fun to me! Too bad about the iron.