To get an idea on cost of quilting first we need to know how large your quilt is in sq inches.  To get this number please times your length and width (example 60″ x 80″ = 4800).

Quilting charges:

Edge to Edge from $.02 to $.04 per square inch.  Using our example of 4800 square inches at $.02 it would be $96.

Semi Custom quilting starts at $.05 per square inch.  Different borders, blocking out applique using the computer to stitch, different sashing.  Small stipples are also included in this range. Our example of 4800 square inches at $.05 it would be $240.

Custom quilting is a by the hour charge – $35 per hour.  Designing something special and digitizing it in takes time.  Any ditch quilting or show quilting is by the hour.  If our 60 x 80 quilt takes 20 hours it will be $700.

Minimum charge – $50

These per square inch charges are before thread, needle, and any additional costs.

Extra charges for each quilt: 

Thread costs – $2.50 per bobbin.  This will depend on the density – some rows can take 1 bobbin while other times it can make it through 2 rows.  I like to use So Fine and Omni quilting threads and have developed quite an extensive collection of colors.  I also like Glide thread from Fil-Tec.  Please note, I use the same color or color family for top and bottom quilting.  I do not use any variegated threads.

Needle costs – $1.  I put a new needle in for every quilt.  Most quilts will only take 1 needle, but if it’s a batik it may take 2 needles or more depending on how tight the fabric is woven.  If you would like to use a batik backing please be aware that sometimes the thread will just lay on the back until it’s washed several times.  Wide batik backing seems to be less tightly woven, however this is on a case by case basis.


Batting – If you need batting…no problem, I carry batting as well.  Hobbs 80/20 both white and natural, Hobbs wool and Hobbs Poly Down.  If you would like a special batting such as a black batting or a 100% cotton, please let me know.  Price dependent on size.  Also, think about using 2 battings, like a layer of 80/20 and either wool or Poly Down.  It will make the quilting pop.  I like to stick to Hobbs, Quilter’s Dream, or Warm and Natural.   If you would like to provide your own batting, no problem, however please make sure it’s large enough – at least 3 inches larger all the way around.  Please stick with Hobb’s, Quilter’s Dream, or Warm and Natural battings.

Possible Extra Charges:

Tops – $25 – $35 per hour – Let’s have a word about quilt tops.  Most quilt tops are ready to go when they come into the studio, but if they are not, please remember there is only so much magic that can happen if your top is not square.  Please make sure your quilt top is square, your borders are not wavy and all of your seams and/or applique is nicely tacked down.  Anything not tacked down may cause damage to the machine, or worse yet, your quilt.  If a foot gets stuck  in an open seam, I guarantee it will need to be cut out and will leave a hole.  However, if something needs fixing, please plan on $35 per hour.  If your top needs pressing please plan on $25.

Backs –  $10 -$35  $10 per seam to piece backs.  $25 if your backing needs pressing.  If you would like me to handle your backing – pressing, seaming, squaring, please plan on $35 per hour.

Please no buttons or anything hard that a needle may hit accidentally.  

Important Note: 

Backs…the bane of every quilter.  I know how much it costs to create a beautiful top and even I loathe to purchase backing fabric, often looking for sales.  However, it’s really important to give your quilter enough backing fabric and that your back is square.

Back to our sample quilt (60″ x 80″).  I like to request  5″ longer or wider on each side, so we’re buying backing fabric for a quilt that is now 70″ x 90″.  Supposing we’re using fabric from a 42″ bolt,  we want the seam to be horizontal along the long arm bar so we’re good on the 70″ side, since we have approximately 80″ when we sew two lengths of fabric together, but how much yardage do we need to purchase? 90″ divided by 36″ is 2.5 yards.  So we need 5 yards total or 2 cuts of 2.5 yards.

Now when I do mine I would probably buy 2 cuts of 2.75 yards of fabric.  Once I get my fabric home.  I then trim off the selvages on one side of each piece with a rotary cutter.  Then I also square up the sides.  Sometimes I do this the old fashion way and make a small cut and tear down the sides.  When I was a young girl going to the fabric shop with my Mom, this is how they sold fabric.  We’d be in a JoAnns fabrics and it would be tear, tear, tear.  It’s not pleasant to hear fabric ripping, but it is efficient to get the piece of fabric square.

Once I have my selvages trimmed off and fabric square, I then sew the two sides with out the selvage together using a 1/2″ seam.  No 1/4″ seams here, you don’t want your backing to come apart.  Finally I press the seam open.

No bed sheets please.

Adding muslin sides to backing – $25  If your back is too short lengthwise, sometimes I’m able to put some muslin along the sides.

Extra Services: 

Binding – $25 per hour – Making binding out of fabric that you provide.  $.15 per linear inch  – machine stitch your binding to the front of your quilt.  $.25 per linear inch – hand stitch your binding to the back.  To determine linear inches with our example of a 60″ x 80″ quilt – you do 60 + 60 + 80 + 80 = 280 linear inches.  To have the binding you provide stitched to the front of the quilt on our example, it would be $42.

Shipping and Taxes: 

Shipping – $20 for shipping and insurance and $10 for each additional quilt in the same box in the US.  Outside of the US, please contact me.  

Sales tax is currently 7.25% in Illinois  – charged on goods (needle, thread, batting) only –  not services.  If you’re outside of Illinois, then no sales tax.

These prices are valid Aug 1, 2016 and are subject to change in the future.  Please contact me to discuss your quilting needs and obtain a written estimate.  These prices are posted to give you an idea and are not contractual.  Please contact me to get a firm estimate and book a time.  50% deposit must be paid and can be done via Cash, Check or PayPal at the time I receive your quilt.


Rush – Need it in a rush…usually no problem, but please plan to double the costs for a rush job.    

Charity Quilts

I’m not currently taking any charity quilts at this time.  I have already committed to all the charity quilts I’m able to do for the foreseeable future. 

No T-Shirt Quilts Please.