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R is for Running Ragged

I know I missed both Whisker Wednesday and Dogs on Thursday this week.  I have been running ragged around here lately.  It’s that time of the year where all the cats go for their respective vet visits.  In the last two weeks, I found out poor Tobey has a UTI that I have no idea how long that’s been going on.  Doc has no idea what triggered it, but we also did blood work and other then the UTI is fit as a fiddle.  Tobey is feeling much better and is out and about.  I’m hoping to see mischievous behavior out of him shortly.

Next Friday is the last visit for a while, until Coco goes for her spay and poor Sunshine gets her teeth cleaned again.  It’s going to be soft food only before long with that girl.

The one I’m most concerned about is poor Faygo has a runny eye.  Poor thing has scratched his eye, we believe with his own paw.  He’s needing two different medicines 4 times a day.  He’s nearly 100% blind in both eyes due to cataracts, so it’s always a surprise to him when he gets medicine.

He and I had a little talk about how he needs it and we don’t need an eye popping out.  I don’t thing he would survive a major surgery like removing an eye and I’m not sure that is something I would want to put him through.  He is 18 and a diabetic, so he’s had good quality of life.  I would just like to see this one heal.  It takes him an awful long time to heal anything that’s why unless it’s an emergency I don’t poke him with the glucose meeter.  He gets shots twice a day and I’ve had the vet check and he says he is very well regulated, so I don’t worry about checking myself.  So, if your sending positive thoughts out, a small one for him would be appreciated.

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    1. Julie 06 October - 2008

      Faygo is such a sweetheart, I’m sorry he is still having eye problems. I still marvel that he’s 18.