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Reading, Knitting and Mystery Ravelry Style

I came to be a Jane Austen fan late in life.  It started off with an off chance viewing of Pride and Prejudice.  Then I had to listen to the book.  Over the summer I watched all the Austen movies on PBS and then explained them to my mother.  I wish I would have read these earlier, but now I’m happy to have found them.

As a side note and just because I have to get it out… I have to say I’m really more angry now that we had to suffer through books like The Red Pony and The Red Badge of Courage in school… then reading things a gal could truly be interested in.  Honestly, I think choices like that in school stunted my love of the classics.  I know for sure The Red Pony scarred me for life.  The last thing a young girl wants to read is about a pony dying or men running to and from a battle.  Believe me these are the last things.  Ok… rant over.

Anyway while browsing on Ravelry I found Jane Austen’s book club where you get to read and discuss the books.  I find this very exciting since DH has literally no interest in Miss Austen’s fine books and I’ve heard on more than one occasion “how often are you going to watch these movies.”  Fine, now I found friends who can enjoy this with me.  That’s again the wonderful thing about Ravelry.

Also another wonderful Ravely find was the Mary’s Garden Mystery Sock KAL.  It’s a German and English group.  Mostly German though on Yahoo, but enough English for the non-German speaker to get by, which includes me.  I think it would be fun to knit a sock as a KAL.  However, I have to admit lots of times I sign up for these and then kinda chicken out at the last minute, worried I won’t like the pattern.  However, I have a feeling this is going to be a good one from the looks of the other socks she’s designed.  If you haven’t knitted lace yet this is supposed to teach you several of the stitches.  Sounds like a blast.  Hurry though, sign ups are closing really soon.  Like in the next couple of days… so run don’t walk to sign up.

Finally, I got my “Daily Dose of Fiber” shirt ordered from Ravelry.  I finally decided I wanted the gray one and then I had to wait until they got a large.  I wanted it on the roomy comfy side.  Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Well that’s all today… it’s DH’s b-day today and I’ll have a picture of him posing with his squirrel tomorrow.  He wanted to wait until he had a shirt on without cookie crumbs.  Bah… every goofy mug shot picture of me goes up, so why not him too?  (lol)  I’m sure he will read this and go – NOT!

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    1. Julie 28 October - 2008

      Happy Birthday Mr. Purl!