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Relaxing Weekend

So I had a very relaxing weekend.  First the husband and I went out to the travel show and looked at RV’s and camping stuff.  Then we went and had lunch.  I talked to a friend during the evening and knitted.  Sunday I’ve spent the day knitting and resting, catching up on the DVR so we can take it back and exchange it out for a new one as this one seems to have some issues.

color affection progress 3_24_13

At least I’ve finally started to make progress on Color Affection.  I’m down to the last two inches.

One other thing I did today was to clean out my blogs and reorganizing them on Bloglovin’.  After Julie alerted me that Google Reader was going away, I decided that I had to pick one and try it out, so far Bloglovin’ is not too bad.

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    1. Julie 25 March - 2013

      Pretty colors so far. That’s coming along nicely!