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So at the NH Sheep and Wool, I acquired a a new spinning wheel – a cute little Roadbug.

My Roadbug

Madison is helping today and giving you a size reference.  She’s average cat size.

I really wanted a tiny travel wheel.  One that would be easier transport and be plane friendly.  I did bring it on the plane back with me.  It did get an extra bag check, but we went through just fine and it did fit on it’s side under the seat in front of me.  Once I got it home, DH suggested it would fit in my big LL Bean bag.  It did fit with the extra treadle on and now it’s traveling back and forth with me to S’nB and fitting under the table for out of the way spinning.

I’ve been spinning on it and it originally had a little squeak in the foot pedal, but I got that worked out today.  It is a little louder with the direct drive, but not annoying for me.  You don’t notice it at all at Panera where we knit.  This wheel seems to work great for my short legs, as I’m able to sit back on the sofa and spin very comfortably with it.  When I sit up in the chair I have to remind myself not to hunch to it and work in a comfortable position.  However, that may be with the batt too – as it has some bits that too them to pull apart.


I should have a first skein of 4 ounces off of it soon then I’m planning on doing some brown roving, which will be for the Tasha shawl.

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  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. ChelleC 27 July - 2010

      Where did you buy the cute little bag for it?

    2. ChelleC 27 July - 2010

      This is a really cute wheel. I just got one too and love it!

    3. Bubblesknits 24 May - 2010

      Any way I could talk you into posting an “in action” video? I’m completely intrigued by it. I love how small it is. 🙂

    4. julie 24 May - 2010

      She looks very happy with her new home and her new kitty friend. 🙂