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Rosemont 2013

So for months we planned out our trip to the International Quilt Festival Chicago.  We signed up for the bus trip at Quilter’s General Store since the store is about 1.5 hours from here and it’s down near O’Hare, which always has crazy traffic.  Well what a show… definitely need more than a day next year as we ran through the quilts.  Lots of awesome vendors we hadn’t seen before and lots of favorites who had lots of new stuff.  Rosemont Loot

Rosemont Loot

I managed to get a few new rulers to try out on the Sweet Sixteen and I rounded out my collection of Quilting Designs, picked up for some wished for goodies  and got to chat with the ladies at Electric Quilt.

Rosemont Loot

Then it seems I gravitated to lots of hand work patterns.

Rosemont Loot

Lori Smith was there From My Heart to Your Hands.  I had her sign a pattern and she was just the nicest person.  Then I finally got my cat quilt pattern… I couldn’t resist this one along with a couple more.  I also got a few punch needle patterns.  I had a punch needle lesson last Sunday and I’m already hooked.  Finally there was a booth that specialized in Judie Rothermel patterns and fabrics – Schoolhouse Quilt Shoppe.  Well, for the Reproduction lover that I am… I couldn’t resist and got a couple kits – one in 30’s because it was so happy.

Rosemont Loot

Saturday I started on the Judy’s Four Patch kit… I got the template from a shop in Iowa – Homespun Quilt Shop – that I met at Expo and still loved her booth… picked up the tea dyed cotton from her.

Judy's 4 Patch

So we had a great time at the show… but the real adventure came on the way home.  As we were pulling on the freeway we heard a loud pop.  Our driver got out and checked.  We got back on our way… we then stopped again when he saw a puff of smoke.  He was in contact with the maintenance shop, who told him to just continue on since nothing was lighting up on the dash board.  On the third stop he got out and checked because he saw smoke again… well… it was everyone off the bus.  There were 54 of us total with our bus mom and driver and we all got off safely.  The bus driver and our bus mom kept hopping on the bus that had filled with smoke grabbing our stuff, but that soon stopped as the entire back end was engulfed in flames.  We only lost a iron – which the lady said was a cheap iron and not to worry.

Fire on the bus ride home from Rosemont

Fire on the bus ride home from Rosemont

Anyway this all happened right under the Des Plaines Oasis, so we were able to get some drinks and food.  Another bus came and we made our way back.  Well let me just say… this hasn’t put me off bus trips.  I already signed up for the Fall one…the next day.  My purse also broke at the show… so I ventured out Saturday and picked up a new bag and flowers for the best bus mom every.  We had a good laugh when I put my deposit on the next show.


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    1. Julie 24 June - 2013

      Sounds like a fun show despite the adventure on the way home. Glad everyone came out of that okay!