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Round Tuit

I know it’s been nearly a month, but it’s been a super busy creative time.  After I took the first feather class, I decided to make the first project which was a circle quilt.  This was a lot of fun as I pieced some scraps up, cut, and then re-pieced.  It’s a little busy, which is great for hiding feather quilting mistakes, but it will get a border to pull it together.  Hopefully this week borders can get done.  In the mean time, I’ll keep practicing the feathers.


I guess a future Drukard’s Path class is in the work to use the templates.  This curved piecing was a lot of fun and I pulled this together in a couple days.

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Julie 27 February - 2012

      Looks like a lot of fun!

    2. Cindy 26 February - 2012

      Curved piecing and fun in the same sentence. You will have to enlighten me.

    3. Darry 26 February - 2012

      Very nice, Rose . Circles are a challenge to say the least.