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So it seems like all of the LYS’s are having sales or have had sales recently.  It’s really hard to not buy anything when you see deals like 40%  and 60% off.

Now everyone who knows me, knows I love natural fibers, but sometimes a girl needs bling.  Since Coco is going to be in desperate need of  a new wardrobe this fall bling was in order.

First off – the two on the left.  The browns and the lime green I have planned for Coco.  Then I found the blue and pink marked 60% off and thought – ok Sophie and Max can ha something too. 

new doggy stash 8-30-2008 8-16-41 PM

We can’t forget about them.  So a couple new wools and a couple from my stash paired up are going to make some delightful little pieces.

I was thinking some little scarf bandannas, but once I got home and saw Coco and Max again.  They may get little shrugs or just short sweaters.  I’m thinking Sophie may get her bandanna still.  I just want to use up the whole ball of bling.

Finally – I bought Coco a smaller more cozy bed for knitting on the sofa and I need to get one a smidge bigger for Max – who took right to it.

Max in little bed 8-30-2008 7-32-52 PM

Or I could knit them a  felted cozy with stash handspun yarn (that I spun a million years ago when I was learning) and this delightful bling.

More new stash 8-30-2008 8-17-31 PM

Oh – and I was up before dawn today – wide awake and got my tower just before the sun came up.

Dawn in Rockton 8-30-2008 6-21-17 AM

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Natalie 01 September - 2008

      Hurray for the green!

      Green is my favorite color.

    2. freshisle 01 September - 2008

      I love those bright colours. And such lovely handspun. It deserves to be used.