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Saturday Sky

About 1:30am big storms rolled in and gave us another good rain.  While I love sleeping in storms, our river was just about going down.  Across the street from us the houses sit right on the river and I’m good with that.  I really don’t want to own river front property. 

Rockton 08_12_08 7-12-2008 10-32-41 AM

It then cleared up and then the clouds rolled right back in again.

garden 2008 5 7-12-2008 10-33-32 AM

garden 2008 3 7-12-2008 10-33-24 AM

garden 2008 1 7-12-2008 10-33-11 AM

garden 2008 7-12-2008 10-33-02 AM

Before I went off on my errands, I was able to work on my garden a bit and things appear to be coming along nicely.  Although with all this water, my zucchini is looking a little water logged.  Hopefully it will dry out soon and I will get a nice crop of my zucchini bread like a couple of years ago.  I made 12 loaves that year and had more than enough for stews and grilling.

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