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Saturday Sky

Another gorgeous fall day.

Rockton Saturday Sky 10-25-08

Coco was the star of her class today.  This was week 5 and we got to play on the agility equipment today.  They were attempting to introduce the dogs into new situations.  This is because a confident dog will not bite and we don’t want a biter, no matter how small.

Anyway, she ran through the tunnel, up the A-Frame, along the walk, through the hoop, over the jumps and jumped up the steps to the platform like nobody’s business.  She was lightening fast for sure.  They told me at the class that I have an agility dog on my hands.  She was just having so much fun and with her energy I’m not surprised.  Next week is our last class and now I think we’re going to sign up for the next class and get her going.  I may have to look for some inexpensive equipment to work with her on.

It’s too funny because years ago I tried Sophie out on agility and she was like – “um, I think I rather have a snack and a nap please.”

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    1. Jena (the yarn harpy) 20 October - 2008

      There’s an agility starter set on Drs. Foster and Smith:

      We’re thinking of it for Maia, being a high-energy and very nimble pup. There’s no A frame, but I suppose that’s probably easy enough to build.

      They have individual nicer pieces, too:

    2. Julie 20 October - 2008

      Agility looks like so much fun!