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Saturday Sky and A Few Tidbits

These look so much like snow clouds to me.  I think we’re going to be in for it this year.  Lots and lots of snow, which could translate into lots and lots of snow days.  Yeah!

Rockton 10-25-08

I had a few tidbits to share on my last couple of posts.  Helen asked if this was the recommended edge from Spin Off.  Yes it is…however, my version was more of a bulky yarn, so I used a bigger hook and did more chain stitches.  I did this more by feel and what it looked like then sticking to a recipe to accommodate the bumps in the yarn.

Also, Jan remarked on the tools from my grandma’s tool kit.  Well, after further discussion with my Mom, those tools at the end were my great-grandma’s tools.  Great-grandma was Blanche.  I was confused earlier (easy to do), but Mom set me straight and said she doesn’t really remember my grandma doing a lot else other than crochet.  However, she does remember great-grandma doing lots of things like tatting, lace, and other handiwork.  It’s definitely in the genes.

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