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Saturday Sky and Gretel

I’ve been wanting to try the new City Tweed by Knit Picks and thought Gretel would be the perfect project to test out this yarn.  I would just hate to do an entire sweater and have it fuzz up or something.  I’m just a little concerned that the alpaca is going to cause shedding.  I won’t know till it gets more wear.

Gretel 7-18-2009 6-59-43 PM

It’s been cool and threatening rain all day around here.

Rockton Saturday Sky 7-18-2009 6-37-25 PM

Yesterday the knitting gals and I went to the Midwest Fiber Festival.  I had a new experience.  I came home with nothing.  I mean nada.  I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t see anything new.  Since I didn’t need anything or see anything that really needed to come home with me, I just passed.  There were a lot of vendors there, but many of them were not fiber related.  Also, I’ve been thinking about it and I think maybe I’m not the intended market.  This has more of an art show feel to it.  I think I like the wool festivals better for the fleece shows.  I can’t wait for Rhinebeck.  I can smell the fleece already.

Also had a visit with Martini Knitter’s mom today and we headed out to see the new Harry Potter movie.  We had a great time and I really enjoyed the movie.

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