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Saturday Sky

Well got the haircut touched up again.

new outfit and do 6-14-2008 5-31-51 PM

It inspired a new outfit to be purchased.  Complete with new sandals.  They were from Born and were way too comfy to pass up.

I’m letting the layers grow out on the hair and finally got it one-length again.  In the back she cut it up and it really took the bulk off.  Plus the layers were seriously straggly in the back, so they needed a bit of trim as it grows down back to one one length bob.  This is definitely nice for summer tough.  We’ll see how it looks tomorrow when I get a whirl at doing it.  It’s never quite the same (lol).

back of do 6-14-2008 5-32-07 PM

Finally we had a great day out and were able to pick up my two new-to-me chairs and they look barely sat in.  The folks were really nice when we got to their house and made sure I tried each and pushed all the way back in the recliner portion.  We were loaded and out of there in about 10 minutes and off to catch lunch.

Rockton 6_14_08 6-14-2008 5-30-55 PM

By the time we got home, I got a shot in of my water tower before the rain.

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