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Scratch The Ear

Again Sunshine makes her appearance.  For being born in a barn and relatively feral for the first year of her life, she’s become the love bug lap kitty.  It started with being able to pet her on one little sofa and it expanded from there.


right there 11-27-2008 5-32-13 PM

Now she’s just a drooler.  The little smile on her face always cracks me up.


We had quite a fun time at knitting tonight.  We welcomed Cathi from Gypsy Girl Creations, who brought two huge baskets of sock yarn with her.  I was good and just bought two sport-weight (bamboo, merino, nylon – mix) of Painted Desert, but that was hard.  Her bamboo is super-soft, unlike some other bamboo’s I’ve sampled and put back on the shelf.  I can’t wait to cast this one on.

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    1. Julie 28 November - 2008

      She’s such a cutie!