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Second Attempt

So we had a really nice visit with my Mom and by yesterday I was feeling much better, so I knitted a bit on the way home.  I think I finally got the gauge right on this little hat.  I was going strong until I ran out of red.  This is definitely an easy in the car knit – maybe I’ll finish it up today.  I figure I’ll knit 2 more of these and then weave all the ends in at once and knit all the tassels at once.


~ Madame Purl

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Dipsy D. 18 April - 2007

      This is going to look so cute – I love how the colors go along together! Happy Knitting!

    2. Rissa 17 April - 2007

      That is just lovely! I love the bright, clear colors!

    3. Julie 16 April - 2007

      It looks just as cute as hat.1!