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I’ve been using my Pfaff Passport pretty exclusively since I got it last October.  My first ever sewing machine was a Pfaff and I think I’m just a Pfaff gal.  I love the IDT and the precision built into the machine.  I couldn’t really justify buying yet another machine because I had two I wasn’t using at all – the Janome 3160 and the Janome Horizon 7700.  I decided it was time to let those go and see what the future holds.

I put a couple ads out on Craigslist and a lady called me late last week.  The lady and her friend came out on Saturday to look at the 3160 for her grand daughter and the 7700 for herself.  Then she mentioned she would have to sell her Pfaff QE 4.0 before she could buy my 7700.  Well, well… I asked if she would be interested in a trade and we then went off to her house to look at the Pfaff.  It was in pristine condition.  She told me she only bought it last year and used it for 1 project.  I believe it!  So my machines are much older and much more broken in, so I said I’d trade her both machines for her Pfaff.  She wanted to talk it over with her husband and think about it.  No problem.  It was out of the box thinking for sure doing a barter deal. Well this all happened in the morning and by 5:30 she called me and we did the swap.  I feel like it was win-win.  Everyone walked away happy and no money changed hands.

My new Pfaff 4.0

I’ve been non-stop sewing on my new baby and I love her.   I did purchase the new Perfect 1/4″ foot by Pfaff and some additional bobbins.  She still has to find the knee lift for me, but I haven’t really missed it, since this machine has the hover foot capability.  I ordered an insert for her yesterday and I’ll be dropping her right into my table.  I even FMQ’d with her and she did brilliantly.  It’s only a 10″ machine vs. the 11″ on the Horizon, but I don’t notice the difference as much.  Plus I’ll be doing most of my FMQ on my Sweet Sixteen.

Over the border

I pulled out a WIP that I’ve been working on and finished the blocks up…still borders to do, but I love how she handled.  A little fussy at the heaviest of seams, but not so bad as I guided the fabric through.  I’m already thinking – How will I quilt this one?  It still needs borders, so it will be a minute yet before it gets quilted.

New chair

Also got a new chair.  My favorite LQS is selling these and I had to have one.  I’m loving my new chair.  It’s much smaller and firmer.  My back has been complaining a lot less with this chair.

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  • LOVE our Pfaffs! You DID get the best deal (having both those machines myself ;o) )! Love the progress on your WIP, you HAVE been busy!

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    1. Barb 29 July - 2014

      LOVE our Pfaffs! You DID get the best deal (having both those machines myself ;o) )! Love the progress on your WIP, you HAVE been busy!

    2. Paula.thequilter 29 July - 2014

      I have been lusting after that chair! I can’t find it locally and the shipping would be a killer, so I just keep looking at it.

    3. PFAFF® 29 July - 2014

      We think you got the best part of this deal! Congratulations!