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Sewing Room Re-Do

When I started quilting, my sewing room started evolving.  Now it’s evolved to a whole new level.  I put in an order for some Tracey’s Tables about 3 weeks ago and they were delivered on Saturday.  I couldn’t be happier.

Tracey's Table Quilter's Workstation

I ended up getting the Quilter’s Workstation.  I love to work in an L and that’s how I set up my make shift tables before, so I thought this was a natural.  There are wood screws holding the L together.  It will make it easy for me to pull it apart and move it back when I want to do my quilting.  Originally it was screwed together, but when I demoing to my DH how I would move it back and forth, he said… hmmm… that may pull apart and since I’m on carpet, we were able to just unscrew it and I was able to move the two pieces and put them back together just fine.  The holes are there now and screws safely stored just in case I ever end up on a flooring other than carpet.

Tracey's Table's Cutting Table

Then there is the cutting area.  Folds out to be 72″ total.  I just have the one side up for now.  Now all the rulers and scissors will be hung up when I get the pegboard.  I ended up ordering one that can hold a lot of weight, so it will probably show up tomorrow.  I also got the bolt/fabric cradle to hold larger amounts of fabric when I’m cutting.  It’s pretty sweet!

Cutting Table

One without the fabric cradle.

Cut and PressCut and Press

Then I got the cut and press.  I emailed the makers of the rotary mat part to see if I can hang it behind the door on a hanger when it’s not in use.  I don’t want to damage the mat, but this is one honking big mat, storage when not in use may be difficult.  If I can hang it up behind the door, I can whip it up and down quickly.

Pressing Cradle

Finally, I got the ironing cradle for behind the cut and press.  This is really cool.  I hate ironing a large quilt or piece of fabric and then having it full of carpet fibers or pet hair.

As to the helpers… I’m actually thinking of putting up a gate, since some of my helpers have issues with chewing on things that are not kitty appropriate chew toys.  They will be able to see me and visit, but not come in.  We’ll see how well that goes over.

Another view of the messy roomMoved the bookshelf and reorganized it to this roomMy spinning room with over flow quilting supplies

Unfortunately, all this good organization had lead to other areas getting messy… my poor spinning room.  At least I have room to spin by the window and got in there for a few minutes today.  However, I really need to purge a few things in there.  All those half bits and bobs of yarn that I know I’ll never use again, and those notebooks right in front!  What was I thinking?  Oh well… We also discussed cleaning the basement out again.  That is a major task, so who knows when it will get done, but I’m sure there would be more storage, if we unloaded some stuff down there.

So once I get the peg boards and a few more things, we should be seeing a few more updates over the next coming week or so.


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  • what pegboard are you getting? is it just a piece from Home Depot?

    I am looking for ways to store my rulers besides the ruler stand I have that sits on my cutting table.

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    1. michelle 01 November - 2012

      what pegboard are you getting? is it just a piece from Home Depot?

      I am looking for ways to store my rulers besides the ruler stand I have that sits on my cutting table.

    2. Julie 29 October - 2012

      Nice makeover!Looks like much more functional space now.