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Shop Hopped our Brains Out

So they are having a huge shop hop this summer here.  22 shops in all – all over the northern part of IL and a shop in southern WI.  Well… it’s a huge undertaking, but my friend blogless Dawn and I decided to undertake the  challenge.  Blogless Beverly also helped us one day… and a lot of fun was had by all.

2011 Shop hop goodies

So we managed to only buy a couple or few things at each store, but boy did it add up.  In the material shot I forgot to add in a couple of fats in Batik that were marked $1.99 and were 15% off.  The reproduction or Civil War fabric was my go-to since I’m working on the Farmer’s Wife quilt.  Those little snippets on the side are a specialty of one store and a great idea when you don’t need to much, but want a very scrappy look.  They are $1.00 each and it’s easy to get a lot of colors.  I needed some lights to balance out my fabrics.  I tend to buy darks.

So only one kit, doggie fabric for a doggie bed, some little bag fabric, and some I don’t know what, but would love it in my kitchen fabric.

2011 Shop hop goodies

Patterns – I love those Bonnie Blue ones… and want to try myself a some art quilting with the Himi pattern.

2011 Shop hop goodies

Books I couldn’t resist… can you see what I’ll be practicing this winter?

And finally some yummy notions and tidbits I wanted to try. I even picked up the nicer zipper foot for my Horizon.  The Dream Cotton is for a hand quilting project up next and one of the thimbles looked interesting for hand quilting as well.

2011 Shop hop goodies

So we just got one more store to complete the whole shop hop and then dropping at our local store.  I can’t believe we will have done all 22.

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  1. Julie 01 September - 2011

    Nice haul!