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Ok – this is a lot of singles at lace-weight. I would say not superfine lace-weight, but a nice weight.

alpaca lace almost a bobbin full 9-18-2007 10-17-09 AM

I figured out that I have 12 ounces of this stuff. I need 1200 yards for the Secret of the Stole – so more than plenty. Probably could stop now and fill up another bobbin, but I split it in half and figured I would just keep going and figure out how much I get at that point. A little more on this one and I can switch bobbins.

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    1. Carrie 19 September - 2007

      You are such a pro….lovely lace.

    2. Eva 19 September - 2007

      Wow… gorgeous 🙂 Are you going to ply the singles or leave them as singles?

      Cheers Eva

    3. jessie 19 September - 2007

      That is so beautiful and even. I have a more “rustic” touch, I guess!