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Smart Shopper

Finished my Smart Shopper pattern by Sweet Treasures.  Great pattern.  Not sure if I would add both extra muslin pieces.  It made it really thick.  It is nice how it stands up though and you can’t see the inside fabric.

Japanese Red-Crown Cranes Bag

I ended up having to use a 100/16 titanium Topstitch needle when I did the French seam.  A great learning experience with the French seam.  You have to do the bottom like you’re putting on binding.  You get to the bottom where you get to 1/4″ before the end, but don’t go over.  Then you start the other side.  Tricky the first time, but totally doable.  I made the French seam larger than probably normal, but it was easier to go wider with such thick seams.

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    1. Shirley Butler 26 January - 2012

      The International Moth Class Association.
      Fly with hydrofoil! Everywhere!

    2. Julie 27 November - 2011

      Very nice! I always love the Japanese themed fabrics.

    3. Julie (O-kami) 27 November - 2011

      This is gorgeous!! I love that material.