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Sock Knitting Progress

Thank you to everyone for the thoughts.  I have to say nighttime is the hardest.  I expect to look over and see her on the pillow or encouraging me to put my book down and pay attention to her.  The vet sent over flowers, which was very nice.

Roses for Christmas 2-12-2009 4-21-43 PM

I have managed to finish the first sock of Froot Loops.  I love this sock.  It’s stretch and squishy and an easy pattern to work up.  I just think “yummy” whenever I look at it.

Froot Loops 1st sock 2-12-2009 4-25-48 PM

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    1. Jenn 13 February - 2009

      That was very kind of the vet!

      I love my Froot Loop socks, the pattern was a lot of fun to knit.

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    3. Julie 13 February - 2009

      Aww what a sweet thing for the vet to do. He’s a good guy! Socks are lookin’ fab!