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Socks and The Thing

So part two of the trip continues, after a lovely visit at the yarn shop we made our way for lunch to my cousins house to visit with her son, husband and father (my uncle).  I have to say I love knitting for her because she loves getting my knits.  When she receives something – normally a hat or whatever for the kids she acts like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  I mean break out the ticker tape folks, it’s time for a parade.  Knitters love this.  I mean, love this.  The husband commented about this to me once in conversation and I decided yes, dang it, I want a parade per finished object – thankyouverymuch.

Anyway I’m committed now that she’s seen the blanket and it does match the new baby’s room – so on I go.  I do have to say though not much has gotten done.  I’ll spare you the picture with all the ends this time. (lol)  Commence eye rolling. 

squares continue 4-2-2008 11-11-08 PM

When I’m chatting or need simple keep my head clear work,  I head right for some plain socks and I have nice little self striping yarn stash built up for those plain but lovely old friends for the sock drawer.  Here’s another pair off the needles.

This is out of Trekking XXL – color number 144.  Top down the after thought toe heel – no biggie.  I just knit another toe for the heel after I take out the place saving stitches.  Some formulas I’ve looked at say to knit one decrease row and then two rows of plain.  I have a very narrow heel apparently, so I do exactly like a toe – knit one row plain, one decrease row.  No biggie at all and it fits like a glove.  I’ve found out if I do the two plain rows it kinda bags out on me like little wings on the side of each heel.  It eventually works itself out, but why bother when you can have great fitting right off the needles.

Trekking simple socks 4-2-2008 11-10-39 PM

So that’s about it… not much more to tell.  I was happy to see Mom again and happy to come home.  I ate several favorite things and will now be on salads for the rest of the month.  Not!  But just to give you an idea – at my cousins there were both cream puffs and cannolis  – I had one of each.  Mmmm… I would love another one now.

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