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Some Sock Progress

So, I’ve been keeping various socks on the needles for various times of no-thinking knitting.  When I go to group,  I talk and unwind, so I need the no-thinking variety of knitting while I’m there.   The blue is one of my hand-dyed yarns that was part of the group project we did in the summer at the LYS.  The purple and pink is some very fun trekking. 


I have company/family coming for the next few days, so I may be sporadic or not at all on the blog till this weekend.  The sun is out today, but only 17-degrees when I woke up, so I’ll leave you with my furry little Sunshine.  I love when they tuck their little paws under them.



This is my Chrissy, who decided to play a little Cat-zilla on the kitty toys this morning.


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    1. Jan 01 December - 2007

      At our house, we call the tucked under paws the “Mandarin” position. Your kitties are sweeties.

    2. Julie 30 November - 2007

      The blue is still my favorite!

      Chrissy is just too funny and Sunshine is as adorable as ever.