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Something in The Air…

I’m not sure what’s up… it’s been a crazy week and nothing seemed to go “right.”  Not just quilting, but work and family seemed to be crazy… so hopefully the air clears soon and we get back to normal around here.

Jo's Little Women Quilt

This is the next Jo’s Little Women quilt.  I always have a stern talk with myself when I’m trying to be a perfectionist done is better than perfect, but this was a little piecing nightmare.  The little blocks were only 2.5″ and the quilt is only 17.5″ x 24″, and those are bias cut triangles… I think it went together ok, but not perfect for sure.  On a positive note, I do think I got my border spot on.  Anyway…who am I kidding another good piece to practice my quilting and in the end… I’ll put it on the table and a kitty will figure out how to sit on it.


Violet says…”yes, that is so.”

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    1. Cindy 15 June - 2013

      That is pretty enough to go on the cover of a magazine.