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Three Bean soup 12-16-2008 3-44-42 PM

This is my first time making this soup.  It’s 3 bean and ham.  I used black-eyed peas, lima beans, and navy beans.  I soaked them first for about 8 hours and then assembled all the ingredients which was the ham bone, beans, an onion, some garlic, a little celery salt, a few bay leaves and some black pepper.  Then I let it cook in the crock pot for 14 hours.

I soaked too many beans, but I have more ham, so I expect another batch soon.  I was thinking this time though what would be good would be to add some okra and carrots, maybe a few lentils and split peas… may have to wait till the weekend to make that though.

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    1. Julie 17 December - 2008

      Yum, that looks delish!