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Soup’s on…

Potato this time and my favorite.  This is one of my mother’s recipes that comes from her multi-heritage background.  I’ve heard it could be possibly from Germany or the Ukraine.  I’ve seen many variations over the years and I personally think it may be from anywhere it was cold and the possible following ingredients were available.

potato soup 12-21-2008 9-49-19 PM

First I cook bacon about 6 or 8 strips.  I normally use half a package.  Then I add an onion and a few cloves of garlic to soften.  Finally, I start to add water and 6-8 potatoes.  If they are large use less, if small use a little more.  Sal t and pepper to taste, make sure the water covers and bring up to a boil then turn down.  Wait for the potatoes to soften and then it’s done.

Now you have to make the dumplings.  I used 6 eggs and again about 1-2 cups of flour.  You want them to be a pretty thick consistency when you are stirring.  You have to put some elbow in it and you will find the batter stiff when ready.  Finally, I drop a fork or spoon size dumpling in the pot – make sure it’s covered and bring up to a boil.  They should cook in about 10 minutes.  Enjoy!

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    1. Julie 22 December - 2008

      What a cool recipe. I am going to have to try that. I’ve never seen dumplings with that many eggs.