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Wow time really just flits away when your busy chasing kitten butt.



Daisy (we finally settled on a name) – aka – Miss Diva Daisy is adjusting and things are going well.  Hopefully I’m not blinding her with too much flash.


Don’t worry – she’s not angry just a typical Persian pout.

Last week I ended up at Midway Village and took some photos for the scavenger hunt for the photo club.  These are some of my favorites.

_DSC0074 _DSC0084 _DSC0069

In knitting news – I started repeat 7 of Citron, but I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn to finish it up and do the ruffle.  I have two options: I can go on and see if I make it or I can rip back and do a larger ruffle.

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  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. Bubblesknits 08 September - 2010

      Those pictures you took for the scavenger hunt are fabulous!!!

    2. Leah 05 September - 2010

      I agree…the clock photo is just adorable! Daisy is sure a cutie.

    3. Julie 05 September - 2010

      Love the photo with the clock, she’s such a cutie pie!

    4. Doulton 05 September - 2010

      Daisy is lovely. She has that farouche bon-vivant thing going that I love in a beautiful cat.