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Storms Blow In…

We had quite the storm blow in today.  I was off at work, but when I got home DH informed me the tree in the back was quite the mess.


It actually looks like lightening hit it here.  Although the winds were nuts, so it could’ve just been wind.


I hate having storms hit when I’m not at home.  Especially with my menagerie left unattended.  We moved once to a temporary apartment when DH took a new job and wouldn’t you know the apartment across the street from ours was hit by lightening and burned.  It didn’t burn all the way to the ground, but the top floors were damaged and a man and his dog were hurt.  Terrible to think about.  I know it’s a freak thing, but still I worry.

On the next block over a gas line blew a couple of years ago and set a house on fire and that one did burn to the ground.  It had little kids in it and a dog, but everyone got out safely.  I imagine they didn’t have insurance because the lot to this day stands empty.  Would never know there was a house there now.

Since this is dog’s on Thursday, I have an update about the menagerie.  Well, well, my Sophie has always been jealous, and the green-eyed monster has once again appeared.  Here she is looking innocent.


Even though she had just been out, she purposely let loose where Coco had been playing.  Uh-oh.  I spent a good portion of my morning cleaning up that mess.  I have a rule see – I may live in a zoo, but it will never look like or smell like one.  DH and I spend a good deal of time cleaning and disinfecting around here and I believe all the folks who have come have remarked it never seemed like all these pets lived here.  Anyway, I’ve seen the monster before,  it happened when DH moved in with us, and then again when we got Max.  When she was younger and spry you didn’t want to tick her off.  I believe DH did it a few times and got the brunt of it.  Well, more attention and walkies for her should set her straight.

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      Storms Blow In……

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