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Stretching My Skills

So I feel like I’ve gotten into a spinning rut. I know I probably haven’t but really I want to stretch my skills and explore new options like say Qiviut and other luxury fibers. You know the ones that cost bunches per ounce. The ones I look at and go – “so nice, but if I screw it up I’m going to be so peeved.”

So what do you do when you want to stretch your skills and meet up with some like minded folks – well sign up for some classes of course. I may have gone overboard in my typical fashion, but oh well – c’est la vive. Honestly there were so many classes I wanted to take, I could have split myself in 3 and still not covered them all. So let me tell you how crazy I am…

First off the new fiber festival that is coming to townthe Midwest Fiber & Folk Festival

On Saturday I signed up for spinning designer yarns 1 and 2 – whohoo… I was thinking of maybe their cotton classes, but really I have to learn what is and how to do a knickerbocker yarn.

On Sunday I signed up for spinning lace weight yarns. I’m thinking they’re maybe some more secrets that will help this process out.

Next up is the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival – there I signed up for 3 days of classes.

Friday – I’ll be at the morning Qiviut class – spinning the golden fleece.

Saturday – Morning – Survey of silk – spinning/dyeing/reeling/de-gumming

Saturday – Afternoon – The Amazing Angora Rabbits – spinning/care/etc… I’ve been instructed not to bring any critters home. We’ll see.

Sunday – All day – Spinning high-tech fibers – all the man made fibers.

Whew… even I think I may be a little busy, but you know in a good way.

~ Madame Purl

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    1. Rissa 15 June - 2007

      If you want, I can mail you some camel fluff. 😀