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DH and I went out to dinner last night and by the time we got back home I noticed Faygo seemed to have trouble breathing.  He was breathing in through his mouth and making duck sounds.  The same sounds Tobey made when he was going into heart failure.  I whipped out the bat phone and called up the Vet.  Since he’s one ancient kitty, after some Afrin didn’t seem to clear him up per the vets instructions, we decided to meet at the office to see what was really going on.


By the time we got to the office we had some discharge, which was a good sign.  He had a little exam (his heart is strong and his lungs sounded clear), an antibiotic shot, and a shot of Benadryl.  It seems he has just come down with a little kitty cold.  We started some oral antibiotics today and I’m to report back in 3 days (after this mornings conversation) as to his progress.

He does seem to be feeling better this morning.  Although his breath could knock you off your feet.  He put up a good fight getting his medicine and he sucked down some soft food, both good signs of recovery.

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    1. Bubblesknits 19 September - 2010

      Thank goodness! Poor Faygo. Give him some love for me.

    2. Jenn 18 September - 2010

      Poor Faygo, I hope he makes a speedy recovery!

    3. Julie 18 September - 2010

      Feel better soon Faygo kitty!

    4. Aimee 18 September - 2010

      Awww, healing thoughts for him. I have a big soft spot for orange tabby cats.