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Summer Garden

Just about all my life, I’ve thought of myself as a summer person. I loved the summer as a kid. No school, plenty of time for fun activities, no cold. But I swear it gets over 70-degrees out and I start to wilt. Wilt, wilt, wilt…all over the place. I seriously don’t know what happened to me.

garden beds 6-1-2008 6-10-21 PM

Anyway only suffering 3 mosquito bites, I got my garden boxes ready. Two years ago when I did this, last year I was suffering from allergies too much to do it, I put in everything like the Square Gardener tells you too. Well, I don’t know what he used, but I used this magical mushroom compost and before I knew it I had 8 foot tall tomato plants. My zucchini plants were the size of wine casks. Unbelievable but true, this did happen. So this year I *tried to* plan my space a bit more wise, so that everything could get a chance to grow and have space. We’ll see how it works this time.

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    1. Julie 03 June - 2008

      It looks like a fantastic start! We’ve had four or five salads out of the garden already ourselves.