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So I’m now in the swarm section. I’ve made two mistakes so far, but I think fixable so not bad. One was in the reverse stockinette. It had to be in the yarn overs. I tinked and tinked, but couldn’t find it, so when I got to the next pattern row in the swarm I did a k3tog and called it good.

bee shawl 10-5-2007 8-27-20 PM

Next was a missed k2tog. I dropped down and fixed it… I think pretty good because now I can’t even find where it happened.

bee shawl up close 10-5-2007 8-27-25 PM

Other than that… loving this pattern. It’s super easy, but still enough to keep me challenged. In this part there is a new to me stitch. Not hard, just haven’t had a use for it in the past.

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    1. Carrie 06 October - 2007

      FABULOUS! And you are certainly cruising along 🙂