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Tea Cozies

So you may have noticed I’ve been doing a little housekeeping around here. I have two new buttons to put up and retire some old ones, but for the most part so far so good. I love all the WordPress themes and it’s always so hard to choose one, but when I feel like things need refreshed it’s always nice to have a variety.

I got a few early Christmas presents this year and one was this very nice Tea Cozies book.

It has a lot of super fun patterns and I thought I would share some of my favs with you.


Also, if you didn’t know – today is Humbug Day. We’re each allowed 12 humbugs each… I couldn’t think of that many and the ones I did are ones I always have – like Mean People Suck. So, I’m no good at it and will just let you all know it’s out there.

I think my little wrist break is probably over as I’m itching to get back to my wheel and knitting. So many ideas have been brewing in my head – starting with making myself one of those sweet rib warmers. I’ve been reading the new Spin Off and that just makes my juices flow even more.

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