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The Blahs

Sorry for the long time no blog post.  I think I’ve had a case of the wintertime blahs.  They always seem to strike right about the end of February.


To end these doldrums some retail therapy was in order.   As you can see lots of bright pinks and green and spring time colors.


A new Avi Wasserman out of Olive Wood from Israel.


The underside which is the most interesting.


I thought Sweet Pea had cracked it when she knocked it off my make shift light box (she such a diva…she loves to jump on the light box whenever I get it out), but it was just a wood knot that I didn’t see until I got in the bright light.  Whew… it’s fine.  I’ll tend to spindle over carpet to avoid any breakage.



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    1. Jenn 02 March - 2010

      Wow, all that yarn is nice and springy!