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The Divine Miss Em

Poor Emma… this is a rare occasion she is not hiding behind the back of the chair from me.  I had to get my camera out.  She’s had a nasty bout of kitty acne.


I have been following the doctors directions about wiping it and putting the meds on it when she refused to come near me for two days.  After capturing her, I noticed it was right nasty looking, so I used some sensitive skin oatmeal soap for pets and gave it a good washing.  The next day it looked much better.  I ended up buying her some Stridex acne pads, but again that didn’t seem to do as well as just good old plain soap and water, so I’m back to that now.  It does look better, but if see more healing soon, she’s going to have to another visit with the vet and trust me – nobody wants that.

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Bubblesknits 27 March - 2010

      What’s kitty acne? Is that the black spots they get on their chin now and then?

    2. Jenn 24 March - 2010

      I was completely unaware that cats could get acne!

    3. julie 24 March - 2010

      Winnie feels her pain. Our deepest sympathies Miss Emma and we hope you feel better soon!