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The Gift of Weaving

Well, I’ve had a delightful new addition to my home and hobby life.  It’s a Harrisville loom.  My friend Maryellen gifted her loom to me.  Thank you Maryellen.


Maryellen got this loom as a gift for her college graduation.  I know what it takes to get there and how special a gift like this is.  I will take very good care of her.  I promise.


Isn’t she gorgeous?  She’s a Harrisville 4 harness – 6 treadle – 36″ floor loom.  I told you… gorgeous!


Maryellen also gifted me with the manual, shuttles, and all sorts of goodies including two huge stacks of weaving and quilting books.  There was also a knitting and spinning book to be found too.

books 11-9-2008 3-00-26 PM

Now you may say – but I didn’t think you did weaving?  Well that is correct.  I’ve eye-balled, drooled, and even nearly signed up for a class, but didn’t want to get my panties in a bunch when I couldn’t afford the loom.  Now… well the sky’s the limit, right?  All I can think of is – I’m walking on sunshine… oh yeah.

The funniest thing though – a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.  Also a gift from Maryellen. Finally an action figure that speaks to me.

crazy cat lady 11-9-2008 3-00-52 PM

DH has promised me a day to help me re-arrange.  He is like a whiz at organizing things, so he will help me find the best place for her (the new loom).

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  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. cyndy 12 November - 2008

      Congratulations! What a wonderful gift! The sky -indeed!!!

    2. Sara 09 November - 2008

      Oh, so jealous!! I’m coming over to play with it. You know that, right?

      Have fun playing with it.

    3. Holly 09 November - 2008

      What a lovely gift. Lucky you!

    4. Maryellen 09 November - 2008

      i hope you have many happy weaving hours. Just take care of your back.