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The Goals of 2009

So I’ve been thinking with a new year I need some new goals.  Not resolutions – goals are different because you can work incrementally towards them.  Resolutions are to vague for me.  I find that with goals, I can keep track of the progress and see if I’m actually getting anywhere.  Last year, I just said I wanted to spin more and I’m sure I did some of that, but honestly I didn’t get as many of the the things done I wanted too.  I kept flitting a bit here and a bit there then before you know it – not much gets done.  So this year in no particular order I want to –

  • Embroidery another knitted item – maybe a felted bag.
  • Embroidery my crewel piece – have all the items, just need to get going
  • I signed up for two stumpwork classes and I want to do both of those as well – I’ll need to obtain the supplies still for these.
  • Spin enough for a sweater – I’m on my way with this one – I’m spinning up Mercury’s fleece (Corriedale) into a heavy worsted or bulky.
  • Knit a cable sweater with handspun.  Not sure if Mercury’s fleece will make a good yarn for this one or if it will be used for a plain sweater.
  • Make some more of my special batts – maybe even sell a few.
  • Design my own pattern for something.  No idea what yet, but something.
  • Everything that’s in process (with actual knitting done) on my list today – finish.
  • Knit at least one of the lace with beads kits that I have.  Either Magic Carpet ride, Hanami, or the yummy lace alpaca I spun that I have beads for – no pattern yet for that one.
  • Spin for a fingering or sport weight shawl and knit it.
  • Knit one of the kits I bought at Rhinebeck the first year I went.
  • Spin and knit a beret – this may be on it’s way with the blue.
  • Learn to read crochet graphs and do more crochet.  – I signed up for a class to learn more crochet for next week.
  • I would love to crochet the Hexagon Blanket by Kazekobo.
  • Lose 10 pesky pounds – joining the gym is helping on this one.
  • Learn to weave.
  • Spin and knit a pair of fair isle type mittens.

Ok – that’s it for now.  I want to start each month by figure out what to do to get to these goals each month.  So far I’m already making progress on a few, so this is good.  I think I will print this out to put on my board to keep me on task.

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