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The Scarf Continues

I thought this scarf was done.  I had the I’m so sick of knitting you feeling, but I was wrong.  I casted it off even.  However, it just didn’t seem long enough.  It wasn’t exaclty short at 60-inches, but still not quite right.  Oh well, I’m going to continue on.  At least it’s an easy pattern. Christmas is keeping my seat warm while I’m taking a picture.


I was so happy when I got home tonight and found my emergency KnitPicks order waiting for me.  With their 40% off sale on books and getting an email that the one I wanted at that price was back in stock I had to jump on it.


I’m totally thrilled.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to peruse Sweaters 101, it’s wonderful.  It’s really simplified my view of designing a sweater to fit and better than that – to make sure a pre-written pattern will fit.  I just flipped page after page and was amazed at how easy and what valuable info is in this book.  I can’t wait to get started and try my hand at designing a sweater.  This is in print again after being out of print for awhile and definitely a worthwhile purchase for you knitting book collection.  Of course the other two were just givens.  Some gorgeous patterns in them.  You can also get this an an e-book at the author’s site, which would be handy to print off the worksheets.  Although the book is in spiral format, so you can make yourself a copy to work from.

I did get out and vote today.  I was lucky and was able to run in and out in 5 minutes voting.  I had my fears watching the tube this morning, but it looks like I got there at the right time as the reports were that later in the morning the voting was tapering off.

Well I’m off to make sure Coco stays up.  She’s having a hard time adjusting to daylight saving’s time getting up an hour earlier than normal.  Of course this is much harder on us than her.

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