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The Top

The table runner is now a quilt top complete with borders.  This has been a really fun project.  Tuesday we sandwich and start quilting.

quilted table runner - top
 I can’t believe it’s Sunday night.  I would like another day just to recuperate.  This weekend was not ideal to say the least.  I found our poor Charlie kitty convulsing on Friday morning.  I rushed him over to the vet.  We’re hoping for a diagnosis of vestibular inner ear disease.  However, the vet believes it could be a tumor.  The problem is we have to just wait it out and see if he recovers.  It’s like he’s had a stroke, but from what the vet’s tell me cats and dogs don’t get strokes.  Anyway the MRI that would maybe give us a diagnoses maybe… if they find something…is prohibitively expensive.  We’re talking a couple house payments worth folks that unfortunatley we’re just going to have to wait it out.  He has improved over the past 48 hours or so, but still is very unstable.  He know us and wants attention.  He really wants to get on with his life, but we don’t think he can navigate the stairs or should be jumping – oh he wants too… so he has to stay in the kitty condo for now.

Here’s a picture of him before all this happened.  I was playing with macro lens… he has gorgeous blue/green eyes.


We also going through a small case of ringworm.  3 of them have it and unfortunately my poor Sweet Pea is having a heck of a time fighting it.  I’ve had her to dermatology specialist and now we’re versed in Lyme-sulphur baths… let me just say what a mess that is!  It’s like a million rotten eggs all in one.  At least there are only 3 that have it and with the specialists help – we’re crossing our fingers here – it has stopped in it’s tracks.  We haven’t been able to segregate as I only have one big kitty condo (6ft x 6ft x 8ft – so a separate room with a view), so hopefully no one else will get it.  At least it’s summer and warm, they can dry on the screened in porch and not stink up the entire house.  It’s a lot better once it’s dry.

I’ve been knitting… so there are ends to weave and progress there to show… just haven’t had the stamina to get the camera out.  Oh and I never did get a finished pic up of the parrots did I?


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