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The Twines That Let Us Weave

Over the long weekend it was a good time to sort out the twines on my loom.  Over time the leather ones start to disintegrate and it was time to upgrade these to the new model that Harrisville makes.  I order 4 new twines and they arrived on Saturday, so I set off to work.  It was actually easy work and I soon had it moving along.

New twines for my loom  5-25-2009 5-45-12 PM

I ordered a electric bobbin winder, a new stainless steel reed, some more bobbins for the shuttle, and a warping board.  I’m getting serious now.  I would love the bench and reeds in different dent sizes, but I’m pacing myself.  I know what you’re thinking and yes, I’m feeling fine.  I’m more known to go big, or go home with my obsessions, but this stuff is not cheap, so like I said, I’m pacing myself doing a lot of research and trying to make good choices.

nice new twines for my loom 5-25-2009 5-44-50 PM

My friend Cindy and I signed up for the weaving class that I took in March.  It’s being offered again in July and I would like to take the class again.  Rita was so fab and it’s just the right time in my life to do this right now.  In fact, I’m beginning to think that universe trying to tell me that I need to weave.  It’s dawned on me that this is the second loom I’ve received as a gift in my life.  My ex (aka Beelzebub) once brought home one of those Harrisville child looms for me from a garage sale.  I’m not sure where it’s at right this minute.  The basement somewhere – maybe with my sewing stuff that I plan on bringing it up shortly.  There’s been many, many moves since then, but I think it would be fun to see it again.

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