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Well, I’m not sure what it is with me and hats.  This pattern said 2 and up – and I knitted 2 gauge swatches.  You would think I would be knitting right on gauge.  Hmmm… not really.  After I tried it on you can see it fits perfectly.    Just needs the toppers and ends woven in.  Well before I realized the gauge was a problem – I thought “oh my I have a really small head.”  More importantly that explains why I can never remember anything – no room.  I ran off and grabbed this wonderful book to see what it says when you think your knitting 6 stitches per inch  and really it’s more like 4.5.  Wouldn’t you know it – for a small head it say 84 sts for 4 sts per inch.  So it figures at 88 stitches it works.  Well at least my tester turned out good.  Nice and bright for some spring walks at the park.   Back to the swatching – this time in the round.  (lol)


~ Madame Purl

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    1. Rosa 12 April - 2007

      That is a great hat. The colors are so cool!

    2. Julie 12 April - 2007

      What a cute hat!