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The Very Fast Flyer

The summer I purchased my Lendrum I ended up taking several spinning classes, a few lace.  For some reason I thought I would “need” the very fast flyer.  I purchased it and took it to the class, where it sat unused.  Then I brought it home and it sat unused.  Fast forward two years and I decided to finally get the very fast flyer out to test it out to spin some lace.

Fairly Fine Spinning 6-1-2009 3-24-53 PM

After a few spins, I asked myself what the hey was I waiting for?  I know you can spin a lace yarn on a regular flyer, but whoa this was a whole new experience.  I had to pre-draft, which I don’t normally do, but spinning top was a breeze.  It grabbed on and I just flew.  I had it set on the lowest speed (26 to 1) and it spun very smooth, just like having the regular flyer on.  I did have to have the flyer raised totally up to get the smoothest action by the way.  It has kinda a fussy set up, but after I got that down in about two minutes flat, no problem.


I’m figuring I’m spinning about 16 to 18 wpi, which is between fingering and lace.  I could probably get it finer, but I think I like this weight.  I was thinking this would be for the Beach Glass Shawl, but I will have to wait and see how the variations work out.  In my mind when I saw this roving I immediately thought beach.  I am doing the longest color runs possible, but it may still be too busy for that shawl, or it may work out in a gradual variations.  I’m excited to find out.

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