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This Is My Year

I’ve been looking online at all of the Chinese New Year celebrations going on.  Looks like the year of the Ox should be a good one, let’s hope so.

Dishcloths for the swap 1-26-2009 4-47-13 PM

I knitted up two dishcloths over the weekend.  We’re having a little party this week with the knitting group.  It’s a Winter Celebration.  We’re doing a dishcloth swap – Yankee style.  So, it should be a lot of fun.

This is an easy and free pattern – The Picot Swirl Cloth.

Rustic rolls and bowls 1-25-2009 9-34-13 PM

Here’s a look at the yummy rustic rolls that DH made over the weekend.  More bread bowls too for the savory chili.

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Michelle 28 January - 2009

      I’ll take one of those rolls with my soup tonight, please. =)

    2. Julie 27 January - 2009

      The bread looks fantastic. I’ve been doing rye bread this week but never did manage to remember a picture.