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This is Spring?

Well… we woke up to below average temps again today.  I’d settle for average temps, which is around 50-degrees right now.  The poor pups are totally cooped up, so even though it was in the low 30’s we went out for a dog walk.  I think I have been cooped up too because just a mile in the cold did me in and that’s our usual walk.  The only thing I hate about the cold is every little ache and pain seems magnified.  Ugh!  Come on warm weather.

Aurifil Win!

At least the mail brought something fun to brighten up the cold days.  I won a pack of Aurifl thread and it came all the way from Australia.  Thanks Brie at Little Creatable!

I was hoping to have the $5 blocks to show, but they are more complicated then one-sit at the sewing machine, maybe tonight I’ll get them done.

Steady Betty

I did manage to try out my new Steady Betty yesterday while working on them.  Love this pressing surface.  I got the 16 x 16.  It works well on tiny pieces.  Holds onto them and no more burned fingers.  Yeah!  Nice addition to the sewing studio.

Tutto Tote

I also got a new Tutto tote for my travel machine.  I was toting it around in a big LL Bean bag, but really wanted a rolling tote to save on my back.  Since it seems to go out several times per month and I load it up with all the other necessities it has a tendency to get heavy.  See note above about minor aches and pains.  Haha…

Then I got an email that one of my favorite LQS Acorn Quilts – is having a sale 25% off all fabrics, kits and pre-cuts too.  So you know the quilt I’ve nicknamed The Beast, which is actually truly titled Farmer’s Market.  Well Mom got me these awesome Australian Fabrics and I’ve been debating what to do with them.  So even though I’ve teasingly named it The Beast, this has been one of the funnest quilts to make.  It’s so scrappy and so many blocks that anything goes.  I just keep looking at the fabrics and coming back to Farmer’s Market.

Australian Fabrics

When I saw the email from Acorn I immediately thought batiks would be perfect to pair with the Australian fabrics for Farmer’s Market.  So, I wandered over to Acorn and bought 6 yards of different batiks and then the butterfly one I loved so much, I ended up going – backing fabric!  So another 5 yards of that came home.  So just a thought has now become a firm project.


I got lights to go with the vibrant fabrics.  I picked two blues, a yellow shade, a green shade, and a pink shade.  I think we picked out good ones to go with these fabrics.  I just wonder if I should’ve gotten a few with less strong prints.  I can always add as I go.  My plan is to use as much of the prints as possible and use these as just eye resting places and accents, so it may not be too bad.

Love Lives- bought the kit

Then I wandered around and found this kit – Love Lives from Rotary Cutting Revolution – and just a little of the fabric left for some backing.  It will need a pieced backing, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

New Kit

I already had the book, so bonus.  It will be nice to make two quilts out of the same book.  Not that I needed another kit, but the birds are so sweet and the price was so right… it had to come home.

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    1. julie 22 March - 2013

      Gorgeous batiks!