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Three Bee’s

So I wasn’t feeling so well last night and decided to watch Persuasion on the new Masterpiece show, which was Masterpiece Theater before it’s makeover. Anyway if you haven’t seen it on PBS – I’m sure it will be on near you. It’s a whole Austin series. I guess it didn’t get the best reviews, but I really liked it. While I was still waiting on my roving to dry, I pulled out the Bee.

three bees 1-14-2008 11-13-47 AM

Betcha think I forgot, didn’t you. Well, I didn’t and now have three proud bees. This part has actually worked up the quickest for me and I did 10 rows last night. I still love this pattern.

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Joey Stott 15 January - 2008

      That is so beautiful!! Keep it up!!

    2. Julie 14 January - 2008

      Your Bee Shawl just gets better and better. I love the variegation in that yarn.