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Through the Bee Hives

I’m through the hive section and ready to start the swarm section.

Bee field through the hive section 9-25-2007 10-49-10 AM

I can’t believe I’ve been so diligently knitting this one. It’s (a) highly addictive and (b) fun to knit. Plus part of me is afraid to put it down and do another big project because it may get lost and never finished.

Today I’ve been on the search for a Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving. I’ve been listening to this book and it got me thinking – hey time to get my orders in. Actually it got me thinking about many things – it’s a very thoughtful book. Also, it has seemed to renew my interest in cooking once again. Oh, I fogot to mention that after 6 months, I’ve dumped Dinner by Design. It was fast and edible, but we go tired of it. Some was fabulous, some was not my taste. A lot of barbecue sauce combos, which I imagine covers tastes, and I’m not a big barbecue sauce fan.

I’ve also been looking into CSA’s for next year, we have quite a famous one about 20-30 minutes from here- there’s even been a movie about Farmer John. The only thing is we are only 2 – so I may try to see if we can get a share box. They haven’t had a lot of luck with share boxes, but I hate to see anything go to waste. I may be better off just heading out weekly to our huge farmer market, which has 75 vendors on average every week and is less than 5 minutes from here.

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    1. Carrie 26 September - 2007

      Wow, you are flying 🙂 The shawl looks wonderful.

    2. Jennifer 25 September - 2007

      Your Bee Fields shawl is stunning!

      I’m glad to hear a good review of that book. I’ve been thinking of reading it.