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I was going to make another dishcloth, but had to give this little guy a go.  I think for a first attempt from a novice crocheter this turned out super cute.



I may have to try another.  I think his body came out a bit long.  The stupid marker fell off midway and who knows where I was, so I had to wing it a bit on the body part.  The legs appear a bit small too for such a big body, but maybe his imperfections make him cute.

Chrissy is trying to turn him into a prince.


This was a free pattern from Roman Sock.

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. roggey 22 October - 2008

      That frog is too adorable!

    2. cheryl 17 October - 2008

      He is adorable!!! I love frogs I think my sister needs to make me one.

    3. Julie 14 October - 2008

      That turned out so cute!