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Tokyo Rococo

So I had a great opportunity to take a color class with my friend Cindy.  It was so inspiring… I just got full of color ideas and took off with it adding a bunch of new color to my stash.  I love all fabrics and think I have a well rounded stash, but lately it’s been a lot of reproductions and soft pastel style prints.  I needed bold rich color and Toyko Rococo satisfied.  I added in some solids and begun the process.  I chose the turquoise blue, not only because it’s one of my favorite colors, but to pop the other colors in the grouping.  The solids also give the eye a place to rest.


First they became charm squares and the final project will be a twister quilt once it’s finished.


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    1. Julie 06 April - 2012

      What fun fabrics!