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Total Cuteness

Total Thanksgiving cuteness in kitten form –

kittens 11-22-2007 9-32-00 AM

Kittens 11-22-2007 9-32-07 AM

I went for an early cup of tea with Carrie. She was busy baking pies and bread at Grandma’s new condo, complete with two new kittens – Samson and Dehlia.

kittens 11-22-2007 9-33-14 AM


kittens 11-22-2007 9-32-37 AM

Kittens 11-22-2007 9-32-28 AM

The rest of the day went as planned – napped & ate Monsieur Purl’s delicous turkey and fixin’s.

Finally I found this on my camera.

swatching 11-22-2007 5-38-28 AM

See that ball of yarn in the pantry cupboard. Lower left quadrant. Yes, I was swatching for Monsieur Purl’s new top down sweater and forgot that ball when I packed up my stuff. So I put it in the closest cat proof area, so it wouldn’t end up a toy.

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    1. Julie 23 November - 2007

      You ’bout gave me a heart attack. I thought you had a new acquisition!